Lasers & Special FX Lighting

We rent and install Lasers, Fog Machines, Pyro-technics and Special FX Lighting at concerts, festivals, and special events.  Our resources include a wide range of equipment, decor, incredible props and sculptures.

We handle everything from small private parties to large-scale corporate events and Mardi Gras Balls.  We specialize in custom installations that will make your celebration unforgettable!

Standard Equipment Daily Rental Rates

  • Laser Party Package (Includes 4 Lasers and a Fog Machine) = $300
  • Additional Lasers = $75 each
  • Fog Machines (Includes Fog Fluid) = $75 each
  • Interactive LED Sweepers = $75 each
  • LED Up Lights = $30 each
  • 6 LED Parcan Stage Lighting Rig = $100/day
  • Chauvet Geyser Cryojet Simulator = $100/day
  • Hi Impact LED CO2 Cryojet = $200 (approx 20 shots)
  • Ellipsoidal Gobo Projector = $100/day
  • Custom Laser Cut Steel Gobo (You Provide Art) = $100

There is an Installation/Deinstallation Flat Fee for Most Projects of $100

Please Contact Us for an exact quote on all Custom Laser and Special Lighting Installations.

We also have a range of Pyrotechnics devices including Flash Portals, Mortars, Flash Canons and a range of other special FX equipment including a 10 foot tall Fire-breathing Mecha-Gator… quite possibly the most incredible Flame FX device in the SE United States.


Contact us for a custom quote if you are interested in doing something extra special that isn’t on our standard equipment list… like an on-site installation of our Geodesic Laser Dome or an appearance by the Mech-Gator.

We can also handle all of your Graphic Design and Art Direction needs.  More info here.


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